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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  July 11, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in pittsburg where police have a problem on the de anza trail. there has been another shooting. third one in two months. >> also this morning, oakland police shoot at two men in a supermarket parking lot, no one is hit but police are not saying if the police were armed. >> check out the low clouds, cool this morning, drizzle to be had for the commute. temperatures 10-15 degrees below average. >> good morning, i'm sue hall in for frances dinglasan. the drizzle, we've got high wind advisory and overnight road work that may affect you this morning. >> and u.s. divers could be searching the gulf of california for the wreckage of a capsized
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fishing boat and any sign of northern california men still missing. it's a monday, good morning. i'm kristen sze. another person has been shot along the de anza recreational trail after a fatal shooting just last week and a another one a couple months before. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. what happened. >> look carefully at this part of the trail. it's bordered by homes. it has homes on both sides of it. this shooting was not out on the wilderness part of the trail making it more dangerous. it's the second one in less than a week. this happened around midnight, just west of the railroad tracks. officials say the victim was alive when he was taken to the hospital but officers have not received an update on his condition. these officers are here to preserve the scene. investigators will be out here
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once the sun comes up. the officers out here can't say whether this was a random attack or gang activity but clearly have a problem on this trail. there was a shooting last week that looks like it was gang-related. the man who died had an extensive criminal history and police say they do not think it was a random attack. there was a shooting back in may. that victim survived and he told police heat% a group of men, they flashed gang signs and one man was shot. three shootings since may all out on the trail. of course, this is intended to be a peaceful place for people to come and exercise but now it looks like it's very dangerous place. police officers are investigating. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." oakland police arrested one person and are looking for another suspect after an early morning shooting involving their own officers. it happened in the parking lot
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of the lucky supermarket on 38th avenue and macarthur boulevard. they fired at the suspects but don't believe they hit anyone. they aren't saying why they fired. >> two blocks from macarthur remain closed. we placed several calls to the oakland misdepartment and bring you more details as we get them. >> investigators are trying to determine if an overnight fire damaged a klvm at a daly city school is arson. fire crews were called to the school on christian avenue just before midnight where they found a portable classroom on fire. investigators believe this fire started just outside the classroom and spread to the interior. they were able to keep it from spreading to other buildings but one classroom that burned suffered extensive damage. >> jaycee dugard opened up how she survived 18 years in captivity at home near antioch.
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she spoke to diane sawyer that aired last night. she will have more of the interview on "good morning america." her story was what happened by many including the u.c. berkeley police officer who gave the tip that finally led to her rescue. john alston reports. >> there is still hope. >> one of the people that fulfilled hope and saved jaycee dugard is berkeley police officer that watched it from her home. >> a little bit of nausea with hearing what really happened to her, but also just overwhelming pride of how strong she is. >> jacobs a mother of two and fellow police employee noticed
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something wasn't right when philip garrido showed up with jaycee dugard along with the two girl he fathered. she ended the nightmare. >> i don't know why we were the chosen ones but we didn't think something was right. >> the officer as made overtures and would like to meet the woman she saved. >> i probably give her a big hug and just say that i'm sorry that it took so long. i'm glad that her and her kids are okay. >> the officer has gotten a call from jaycee dugard's mother says not a day goes by that they don't thank them for what they did. >> some of the neighbors watched the interview with mixed emotions last night. they say they are horrified to
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hear what went on for so long but they are amazed at her strength and her recovery she is making from her ordeal. >> she has given strength to people in that similar situation and strived to make the best. >> she is very, very brave. >> they pleaded guilty to kidnapping and sex charges last month. she was sentenced to life in prison and nancy is serving 36 years to life. now to the latest on seven missing northern california men in the gulf of california. within hours divers could start
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searching for them. a navy deep water team from hawaii is due to explore the wreckage of the erik that flu now on the sea floor. they will be looking to see if any of the missing men are still on the boat. meanwhile, a coastguard c-130 crew will file over the sea of cortez looking for the bay area men. the family members are not giving up hope. >> public university students in california are facing another tuition hike. board of trustees will vote tomorrow on a 12% hike for the semester that begins in less than three months. students will be paying $1200 more than they did two years ago. u.c. students face a 9.6% hike if they approve the increase on thursday. the hikes are necessary to help off set cuts in the new state
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budget. we are not hiking our temperatures in the bay area. mike? >> a lot of drizzle to be had as you head through the morning hours. once about 8:00 or 9:00 that will stop. you can clearly see on the water vapor imagery what is going on. look at the sea breeze that is pulling that cool air down to the south but we're dealing with moisture and drizzle the next three mornings or four mornings. right now it's 62 in antioch. 60 in mountain view. everybody else in the 50s this morning. by the afternoon hours, temperatures 10-15 degrees cooler than average as you head into the east bay valleys. we'll say 79 in concord and 82 in antioch. low to mid-70s from san mateo, southward into the south bay. mid to upper 70s in most of the
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north bay valleys. mid to upper 50s, richmond, vallejo, 52 in san francisco and breezy and cloudy at half moon bay. a little more sunshine around monterey, 62 to watsonville at 67. inland, gilroy at 80. so even cooler tomorrow, probably the coolest on wednesday. notice the warmest weather as we head through the weekend. good morning. so far so good, no major stalls or accidents. we do have overnight road work, we'll take you first to richmond. richmond parkway is closed 5:00 this morning. northbound 101 slowing, construction northbound at nimitz at highway 92. jackson street on-ramp is closed until 5:30 this morning. high winds reported on the bridge. very light this morning. you might find a little bit of fog but no metering lights as of yet. >> but a wind advisory.
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concord eyes a crackdown on students that play hooky from school. a heavy fine that could have repeat offenders digging into their lunch money. >> and midwest town comes into support of two u.c. berkeley graduates detained in iran. and gas prices taking another dip at the pumps. we'll tell you where you'll find the highest and lowest prices in california.
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that's all the speed you need at a great price. it's an unbelievable deal. so why wait? act now, act now! like he said... ♪ good morning, it's 4:42. a live look down the embarcadero. see the two american flags, they are whipping in the wind, there is a wind advisory on the bay bridge. mike is also talking drizzle this morning. quite a bit of it and you might expect it for a few days. >> neighbors in the hometown of two u.c. berkeley graduates
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detained in iran are rallying to save the men. they grew up in duluth minnesota. their families have created memorial oh they are not forgotten. it's been two years since they were arrested. shourd was release on half million dollars bail. she is talking about the deplorable conditions that they are still living in. >> the lights are always on. they have to sleep with something wrapped around their eyes. they get to leave their cell for 40 minutes a day and go to a larger cell where they can exercise. >> we need them home. >> they are expected to stand trial at the end of month. >> cutting classes could get expensive for students and their parents if concord city council passes a resolution tomorrow. curfew would apply to students,
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if they nor in the class and caught in a public place they could be fined as much as $500 after multiple violations. and parents could also be fined if they know their children skipped school but some exceptions such as a student running an errand for parents, traveling to work or dealing with an emergency. >> gas prices continue to fall nationwide. they say a gallon of regular averages 3.62 a gallon. down a penny from the last survey two weeks ago. diesel is up a nickel at 3.95 a gallon. lowest price is 3.30 in phoenix. this time, san francisco not the most expensive gas, chicago has the highest average price of 4.03 a gallon. >> coming up, remembering itself victims of japan's earthquake and tsunami with the symbol of the beauty of life. two trillion dollars or four?
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the deficit deal that congressional negotiators will try to hammer out. and atlantis astronauts get cracking on a supply run to the international space station. >> what can be better three? why one of america's biggest convenience store chains is offering everyone a free treat today. what you need to do to get in on the action.
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if you are traveling and leave the cool comfort of the bay area and walking into dangerous heat, from 100 in st. louis and 100 in kansas, mississippi and texas, 99 in phoenix, low to mid 90s along
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the eastern seaboard. seattle at 71. if you are traveling through chicago, flight departure delays right now. flight tracker at president obama is holding a news conference later this morning to talk about the status of the deficit negotiations. he met with congressional leaders at the white house but failed to hammer out an agreement. they agreed to meet until something is worked out. >> there is a heightened sense of urgency to come up with a deal to raise the nation's credit limit. the lawmakers are at a standoff how to tackle the deficit and prevent the nation from defaulting on its debt. major sticking point is taxes, president obama's plan would cut the deficit by $4 trillion,
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twice what republicans have proposed. to do that they are calling for some tax increases, including ending subsidies for oil and gas companies and closing tax loopholes for some business. that is non-starter for republicans. >> we're not going to raise taxes. >> republicans are pushing for cuts to medicaid, medicare and social security. president obama told lawmakers he is prepared to put social security on the table but some democratic lawmakers say no way. >> democrats are not supporting any cuts in benefits to social security or medicare. >> the obama administration is warning of the dire consequences of what would happen if the government hits the credit limit and can't pay its bills. >> you will see damage across the american economy and global economy. >> he will hold a press conference and later today meet with congressional leaders. they will keep meeting until they reach a deal.
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news conference is set for 8:00 a.m. abc news will bring it live in a special report. >> astronauts aboard the orbiting shuttle are working this morning on unload the supplies they have delivered. space shuttle atlantis has a 20 foot scan ster that contains a year's worth of provisions. they will use the robotic arm to lift the carrier and attach it to the station. nasa expects to have a better idea whether the shuttle and space station need to dodge a piece of space junk that may be getting closing tomorrow. >> it's 7-11 and so 7-eleven stores are giving away free slurpees. so stores will offer free 7.11
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ounce free slurpees. >> it's 7-eleven, 7:00 a.m. or 11:00 p.m. or while supplies last. i wouldn't guess it would last all the way. you want to buy a bigger one but it's a kind of day for a big old slurpee. >> take a look outside. as the cooling trend continues, you can see out picture. from emeryville back to san francisco, any time you can't see the top of the bay bridge, you know the marine layer clouds are thick and moisture laden and will drop drizzle so watch out for that. the temperatures are still 60 in mountain view and 62 in antioch all the way down to 52 in san francisco and 52 in santa rosa.
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around the monterey bay and inland, cloudy conditions and low to mid-50s. wouldn't be surprised if you are seeing drizzle, breezy and slow sunshine, it's going to take a long time for the cloud deck to retreat back to the coast. that means cooler weather over the weekend. enthusiasticer clouds and more drizzle tonight and coolest, probably wednesday afternoon but temperatures will rebound and get closer to average as we head into the weekend. for today, we're the same in fremont, oakland, san francisco, but as you get away from the bay and get inland, santa rosa, concord and san jose, see how the cooling is going to spread into inland neighborhoods. about 14 hours and 36 minutes of sunshine before it sets at 8:33. this looks how deep the clouds are, they will continue to shoot up the corridor and by noon, still most of the bay covered counsel to the dumbarton bridge
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and then as we head towards 2:00 we'll start to see the bay open a little bit. look how thick the clouds are along the coast holding in the 50s there, 60s and a 57's for most of us, barely 80s in the north and east bay valleys. 72 in milpitas. 75 in san jose. 68 in millbrae. low to mid-70s for the rest of the peninsula. check out the clouds, breezy conditions along the coast with upper 50s for you. low 60s around downtown. 66 in south san francisco to 67 in sausalito. mid to upper 70s in the north bay valleys. clearlake and cloverdale could hit the low 80s. mid to upper 60s from richmond down to san leandro and low 70s for castro valley and newark and fremont. east bay valleys, upper 70s to near 80 degrees. low to upper 50s around the monterey bay. traveling the state, mid to
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upper 80s around sacramento and fresno. still hot in palm springs at 108. bring it back home, a lot of cloud cover and lots of drizzle, most of us in the 50s. seven-day forecast, temperatures about two to six degrees cooler by wednesday and then we're about ten degrees warmer as we head into a sunny and mild weekend. have a great day. you have windshield wipers, a little bit of a wet road surface. police activity in oakland, ago are a are thur closed between macarthur and patterson avenue and 39th. rip richmond boulevard is cloud between girrard boulevard and machining donald. we've got a high winds the metering lights remain off.
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before you leave this morning, go to and check on bay area traffic for the latest information. thanks a lot. the final victim of the amtrak train crash in nevada has been identified. officials say 60-year-old barbara bell of the united kingdom died in the accident. six people were killed when a big rig slammed into the train at a crossing east of reno last month. truck driver is among the victims. n.t.s.b. is working on it with the nevada highway patrol. >> japanese government says it adopted a new set of nuclear safety stress tests. the standards will be used to evaluate conditions at all 54 nuclear plants which normally generate about a third of japan's electricity. 35 plants were shut down as a precaution when the f due due suffered -- fukushima daiichi
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plant shut down. >> san francisco's japantown pays tribute to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. ♪ japanese flower offering ceremony remembered the 23,000 victims of the disaster. it was also meant as a reminder there is still a continuing need for support and assistance in japan. >> it's compassion and say prayers like this. and in assistance from all over the world and japan will owe come this disaster. >> the special flower arrangements were made by a ichbana society. next at 5:00, bay bridge
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milestone that has workers celebrating this morning. >> the de anza trail is turning from a peaceful place to enjoying nature to a dangerous spot riddled with shootings. >> and richmond police reveal a motive in a gun battle that left three men dead in richmond. ttq
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